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We empathize with the hiring challenges in WordPress development. At Uplers, our rigorous vetting process cultivates a network of adept talents, ready to address your business needs effectively.
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How to Hire WordPress Developers?​

We’ve rigorously assessed 50+ talents, evaluating their technical skills, language fluency, and behavioral traits, ensuring the perfect fit for your company.

Tell us what you need

you can share your requirement to us and we will find perfect match of candidates .

We shortlist the most suitable talent

We will shortlist candidates exactly what you are expecting and 100% match of your requirement

You conduct the interview

After finalization of candidate you can confirm us the best time and will make the candidate available for interview.

Remote onboarding and support

On finalization of candidate will onboard the candidate before the team .

Our Dedicated
WordPress Developers can help you with

Custom WordPress Website Development

Require sleek, responsive, and adaptable WordPress sites? Our skilled team crafts tailor-made, innovative WordPress Solutions to suit your business needs.

Custom Plugin & WordPress Theme Development

Looking to enhance features, customize themes, or align with modern trends? Trust our WordPress experts to craft tailored solutions for your needs.


In the era of booming eCommerce, leverage WooCommerce, a beloved platform, to captivate and engage your customer base effectively.

Page Speed

Maximize audience engagement! Enhance your website's speed and structure with our Page Speed Optimization services to avoid losing potential customers.


Get a top-notch WordPress Developer to create SEO-optimized, engaging blogs with lightning-fast turnaround. Drive traffic and captivate your readers effectively.

API Integration & Customization

In a dynamic digital landscape, websites must adapt. Our seamless data sync and API integration services ensure your website stays agile and responsive to evolving trends.

The hiring timeline for a WordPress developer can vary based on factors like project scope, candidate availability, and the specifics of the hiring process. Typically, it might take a few weeks to finalize and onboard a suitable candidate.
We follow a thorough client consultation to grasp their requirements. Our talent vetting process delves deep into capabilities, aiding precise matchmaking. While we’ll present suitable WordPress Developer profiles, the final selection is yours through interviews before hiring.
At eWebWorld, our rigorous assessment comprises five stages: a Communication Test, Aptitude Test, Technical MCQ Test, Live Coding Test, and a conclusive Technical Interview round for every developer application.
Hiring a full-time WordPress developer through us typically costs around $1500 per month, subject to the candidate’s skill set and experience. Our hourly rate stands at $15 per hour.
At eWebWorld, our remote WordPress developers comprise a curated talent pool adept at handling a spectrum of WordPress tasks: Web Design, Development, Ongoing Maintenance, Theme & Plugin Development, and beyond.
To find a reliable WordPress developer, explore online job platforms for seasoned professionals. Check references and past client feedback. Engaging talent networks like eWebWorld can also connect you with top-tier WordPress developers.
  1. Skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  2. Experience with PHP and MySQL
  3. Knowledge of WordPress themes and plugins
  4. Ability to troubleshoot technical issues
  5. Understanding of responsive design principles
  6. Familiarity with version control systems such as Git
  7. Ability to work with popular web hosting solutions
  8. Experience with theme customization
  9. Knowledge of web accessibility standards
  10. Understanding of coding standards and best practices
Yes, you can hire a team of WordPress Developers from ewebworld. Our Talent network consists of WordPress professionals who can help you develop and customize your WordPress website. They possess the required expertise to provide high-quality WordPress development solutions.


Know Everything About Finding & Hiring WordPress Developers

Hiring WordPress developers. The demand for this profile is on the rise and hence, now is the time to hire the best candidates before they all vanish from the market! This guide will help you in your journey of finding the right developer for your needs. So let’s start!

Let's take a look at the few factors to consider before hiring an WordPress Developer

Skills on wordpress cms

WordPress CMS skills encompass content creation, theme customization, and plugin management. Proficiency in navigating the dashboard, creating and editing pages/posts, optimizing SEO, and managing media is vital. Understanding themes, their installation, customization, and responsiveness is key. Expertise in plugin selection, installation, and configuration for various functionalities like contact forms, e-commerce, and SEO optimization is crucial. Knowledge of user roles, security configurations, and regular updates ensures site stability. Troubleshooting issues, familiarity with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for advanced modifications, and database management enhance a WordPress expert's skill set on this versatile content management system.

Expert in Core php, html, css

Expertise in PHP, CSS, and HTML significantly contributes to WordPress proficiency. PHP underpins WordPress, allowing customization and plugin development. CSS ensures visual aesthetics, while HTML structures site content. Mastery in these languages enables theme creation, plugin customization, and advanced website modifications, enhancing a developer's ability to craft dynamic, visually appealing, and functional WordPress websites tailored to specific needs.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving in WordPress demands troubleshooting issues related to themes, plugins, and site functionality. It involves diagnosing errors, resolving conflicts, and optimizing site performance. Critical thinking, analyzing code, identifying bugs, and implementing solutions are crucial. Familiarity with debugging tools, forums, and documentation aids in resolving issues efficiently. Adept problem-solving skills in WordPress empower developers to address technical challenges, ensuring smooth site operation and delivering effective solutions to meet user and client needs.

One to One Interview

A one-to-one interview in WordPress typically involves a direct dialogue between an interviewer and a candidate, assessing the candidate's knowledge, experience, and skills related to WordPress development. It aims to delve into the candidate's understanding of WordPress functionalities, coding proficiency (HTML, CSS, PHP), plugin and theme customization, problem-solving abilities, and familiarity with relevant tools. The interview allows for a personalized assessment of the candidate's suitability for specific WordPress-related roles or projects.

Attention to Details and Communication Skills

Attentiveness to details in WordPress involves meticulousness in coding, content alignment, and design precision. Communication skills are vital for conveying technical concepts clearly, addressing client needs, and collaborating effectively within teams, ensuring seamless execution and alignment with project goals in WordPress development.

Questions to ask when interviewing a WordPress Developer