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Seeking skilled AngularJS developers? eWebWorld offers top-tier talent adept in cutting-edge tech, delivering innovative solutions. Our experts bring the latest tools and pioneering methods for modern application development.

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How to hire AngularJS Developers?

Tell us what you need

you can share your requirement to us and we will find perfect match of candidates .

We shortlist the most suitable talent

We will shortlist candidates exactly what you are expecting and 100% match of your requirement

You conduct the interview

After finalization of candidate you can confirm us the best time and will make the candidate available for interview.

Remote onboarding and support

On finalization of candidate will onboard the candidate before the team .

Hire our AngularJS Developers for the following services

Custom Development

Tailored AngularJS solutions: Our team crafts custom applications, leveraging AngularJS to meet unique needs, ensuring seamless functionality, and empowering businesses with scalable, efficient, and dynamic web solutions.

API Integration

Seamless API integration using AngularJS: We adeptly merge APIs, enhancing your app's capabilities. Our expertise ensures smooth data exchange, elevating functionality, and delivering robust, interconnected web solutions.

App Migration

Effortless AngularJS app migration: We facilitate smooth transitions, upgrading and migrating apps seamlessly. Our expertise ensures a hassle-free process, preserving functionalities while embracing the latest AngularJS advancements.

E-Learning Platforms

Dynamic e-learning platforms powered by AngularJS: We create engaging, interactive systems, leveraging AngularJS to deliver intuitive user experiences, robust functionality, and seamless integration of multimedia for effective learning environments.

UI/UX Development

Crafting captivating UI/UX with AngularJS: Our experts blend creativity and functionality, designing intuitive interfaces. Leveraging AngularJS, we elevate user experiences, ensuring seamless navigation and visually compelling web solutions.

Real-Time Apps

Empowering real-time experiences using AngularJS: Our expertise builds responsive, interactive apps. Leveraging AngularJS, we ensure synchronized data updates, seamless communication, and engaging user experiences for dynamic, instant interactions.

AngularJS, a front-end JavaScript framework, excels in customer-centric app development. Its benefits include enhanced design architecture, faster development, and code reusability, making it a top choice for businesses seeking these advantages.
Key Considerations for Hiring an AngularJS Developer:

Proficiency in AngularJS.
Strong foundation in JavaScript.
Expertise in working with RESTful APIs.
Experience with Node.js and Webpack integration.
AngularJS stands out with dynamic features and unique advantages, streamlining web development for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Its agile approach saves time and expenses, offering features like dependency injection, simplified architecture, and seamless testing, enabling smoother development.
Distinguishing Angular from AngularJS:
Angular is TypeScript-based, while AngularJS relies on JavaScript. Angular’s architecture emphasizes components and directives, contrasting with AngularJS’s MVC design. Notably, Angular’s performance surpasses AngularJS, boasting up to five times faster applications when developed optimally.
AngularJS provides security features, but its older version might have vulnerabilities. Regular updates and proper implementation enhance security. Evaluating current project needs and employing best practices ensure a secure web app.
AngularJS can create mobile-friendly apps, but it’s essential to consider newer frameworks like Angular or React for optimal mobile responsiveness and enhanced performance due to their evolved features and focus on mobile development.
An AngularJS developer should possess strong expertise in JavaScript, AngularJS framework, HTML, CSS, and understanding of MVC/MVVM design patterns. Additionally, familiarity with RESTful APIs and asynchronous programming is beneficial for robust development.
At eWebWorld, AngularJS developer rates start at $1500, scaling with experience levels. Costs increase with higher expertise, ensuring competitive pricing aligned with the skills and proficiency of the hired Angular developers.
Assess our Angular developers’ proficiency via diverse portfolios, past projects, and interviews. Our Offshore Remote Teams offer direct access to adept project managers, ensuring thorough comprehension of your needs and constant support throughout.

Yes, it is possible for you to hire dedicated AngularJs developer in 48 hours. You can start interviewing the candidates as soon as you shared your requirements and onboard the top talent in less than 2 weeks.

eWebWorld’s AngularJS developers stand out due to their diverse skill sets, extensive experience showcased in successful projects, and a commitment to staying updated with the latest trends, ensuring innovative solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs.


Essential things to keep in mind while hiring the Ideal AngularJS Developer for your next project

Hiring AngularJS developers is a crucial task. The demand for this profile is on the rise and hence, now is the time to hire the best candidates before they all vanish from the market! This guide will help you in your journey of finding the right developer for your needs. So let’s start!

Let's take a look at the few factors to consider before hiring an AngularJS Developer.

Skills on the Angular Framework

  • Proficiency in AngularJS:
    A deep understanding of AngularJS framework is fundamental. This includes knowledge of directives, modules, controllers, services, and dependency injection.
  • Strong JavaScript and TypeScript Knowledge:
    AngularJS relies heavily on JavaScript (and Angular on TypeScript), so a developer needs expertise in these languages, including ES6+ features and syntax.
  • Understanding of MVC/MVVM Architecture:
    Familiarity with Model-View-Controller (MVC) or Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design patterns is crucial for structuring AngularJS applications.
    Proficiency in HTML for structuring web pages and CSS for styling and layout purposes is essential for creating user interfaces in AngularJS.
  • RESTful APIs:
    Experience in working with RESTful APIs for data retrieval and manipulation is beneficial, as AngularJS often interacts with external data sources.
  • Asynchronous Programming:
    Knowledge of asynchronous programming using promises or observables is crucial for handling data flow and managing asynchronous tasks effectively.
  • Testing Skills:
    Ability to write unit tests and end-to-end tests using testing frameworks like Jasmine, Protractor, or Karma ensures the reliability and quality of AngularJS applications.
  • Version Control/Git:
    Proficiency in version control systems like Git for collaborative development and code management.

Expertise In Core Javascript, CSS, And HTML.

  • Core JavaScript:
    Proficiency in JavaScript is essential, encompassing ES5, ES6+ features, and asynchronous programming. A deep understanding allows efficient manipulation of the Document Object Model (DOM), handling events, and managing data.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets):
    Strong skills in CSS involve creating responsive and visually appealing layouts, understanding CSS preprocessors like SASS or LESS, and implementing styling according to design specifications.
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language):
    A solid grasp of HTML is necessary for structuring web content, understanding semantic elements, and creating accessible, SEO-friendly web pages.

Problem-Solving Skills

Critical problem-solving abilities in AngularJS: Efficiently debug, troubleshoot, and resolve complexities, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal performance within AngularJS-based applications.

One to One Interview

Conducting an interview is crucial because it helps in understanding the technical skills as well as behavioral aspects. While taking the Interview, always address all your concerns before taking the final decision. It will help you to hire top Angular developers from the industry.

Attention to Details and Communication Skills

The ideal candidate should have keen attention to detail, strong communication skills, fostering clear understanding and seamless team coordination. Prioritizing the right hire saves time, costs, and resources for your business.

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